Bonnie (boni_bon) wrote in kelly_lims,

Challenge #1 Results

jane948 with -4 points

Peers Choice
boni_bon with +1 points
hermionesparkle with +1 points

Mods Choice

Voting Tally
1. -1-1-1-1 = -4
2. +1-1 = 0
3. -1+1+1 = +1
4. +1+1-1 = +1
5. -1-1-1 = -3

1 -1-1-1-1
I dont like how the lips look. It's okay looking..
I guess I dont really see Kelly like this. The sadness makes me sad I guess.
It doesn't really make sense and the colors are confusing. Is she crying? Are her eyes bleeding?
the effects on her face look really odd, the cropping doesnt look right either.

2 +1-1
the pink blob is distracting and too much text

3 -1+1+1
i love the cropping and the text is really nice.
I like how it has her name is it's very cute.
icon is really oversharpened, cropping is plain.

4 +1+1-1
I actually don't mind this icon, but Its my least favorite out of the three that are left.
Those boxes are cute!
really simple, not oversharpened at all, love the boxes :)

5 -1-1-1
the white block is overpowering
It's too simple
The white box with the heart kind of throws it off. Maybe if the white were a lower opacity, it might be better.


hermionesparkle will post the next challenge sometime this week :)
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