Bonnie (boni_bon) wrote in kelly_lims,

Round Sign-ups


- Read the user-info
- Comment to this post with anything i might need to know.
- Everyone gets 1 bye for signing up, however, if you promote the community and comment proving it, you can earn a 2nd bye. If you get someone to sign up, ask them to comment with your name, and you can earn a 3rd bye. However, there is a Maximum of 3 byes per entrant.

Round 4
1. boni_bon
2. i_______loveyou
3. captivatiingly
4. youngwoman6703
5. hermionesparkle 1 bye
6. jane948
7. piratesluvver/xxkessiex 1 bye
8. xxjaybabyxx
9. itsfantastic

Also, i would like to welcome hermionesparkle, our new co-mod!
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